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A. S.

July 14, 2016

I would like to thank Dr. Obi for changing my life. About 10 years ago, I went to the doctor's office because I had some "growths" in the vaginal area that I was concerned about. I was told I had genital warts. Back then, I had no idea what that was. They recommended the painful treatment of laser as well as liquid nitrogen to freeze them off. It was extremely painful and the warts kept coming back. Flash forward 6 months and I thought I was "clear" as I had no more growths.

A couple of years later, I noticed some small bumps again. They were tiny, I would just peel them off and they would bleed. These growths kept coming and going over the years and at that point I was very frustrated and wanted to get rid of this ugly virus. I spent hours and hours and countless nights reading on forums, blogs and website to find a "cure". I had even purchased some natural products that help "rid" the virus but there was never any improvement, they kept coming. I was depressed, embarrassed and lost. Being here in Canada, it is very difficult to get a specialist appointment and there's no actual test for low risk hpv. There is actually one, but it does not test for low risk types and it is EXTREMELY expensive. I have even asked a few doctors for it and they were very hesitant. My doctors confirmed that I had another outbreak of genital warts and wanted me to try cryotherapy this time. I was fed up, I didn't want to go through this process again and have this problem come back again. There had to be a cure.

Back to my sleepless nights on the internet, I found a gentleman by the name of Dr. Obi. I thought, why not contact him and give this a try. We spoke via email and phone regarding my condition. He was so helpful and reminded me that I am not alone and that I am in a better state than others as the condition I have is not cancerous. He sent me his gel and I started to get treatment. I would apply the gel twice a day, once in the evening and once at night. The gel was not painful after application and I tried this for 7 days. I did notice that there was one area down there that became red and hypo pigmented after the treatment was over, I knew this stuff was working. The warts got smaller and smaller. I would contact Dr. Obi on a regular basis to update him on the progress of my condition.

Now that the warts were not there anymore, I was desperate to find out if the virus was not in my body anymore. Back to the drawing board, countless nights to find a DNA test. I came across a company in South Africa; the process was not that difficult, they send you something to insert and you just send it back to them. A week or so later, I got the results and they were negative. I was so happy and relieved. I couldn't believe it!

I felt like 500 lbs came of weight came off my shoulders. I shared the results with Dr. Obi I just couldn't believe that this was happening to me. I was able to find someone and he had the cure! I am 100% confident that Dr.Obi's product works. His product changed my life and I feel like I can move on now without having to think about it anymore. Thank you for saving my life.


A. S.

A. M.

February 12, 2016

To whom this may concern,

My story begins when I got diagnose with HPV by a dermatologist. I 'am from New Jersey and I have been in the military for the past 16 years and I have been always healthy and with no diseases. Recently in 2015 after my divorce, I suddenly began to look more closely at the flat few dots on my penis and always thought it was a skin mole since my marriage in 2007. I noticed this right at the end of my marriage, when I noticed I started to develop them in my marriage. I noticed it after a few months of intercourse with my X-wife on the side of my penis shaft where I had a chaffed cut from the pubic hairs from my wife during our separation in 2010. After the separation, I ignored it and continued on with my life thinking it was nothing. After a while I began to see a woman that soon became my girlfriend and developed strong feeling for each other. One day during intercourse, my girlfriend noticed a few fat round dots and 2 raised ones on my penis that I have not ever noticed before. She convinced me to get it checked out and so I did. The next day I attended my appointment with my dermatologist, and she diagnosed me with genital warts. I was frustrated, mad, angry, scared, all at the same time with the conscious thought of having to tell my girlfriend. I pondered and pondered of how it would play out, and at the same time thinking it will be ok with her.

I confessed having genital warts to my girlfriend and she was shocked, scared, and angry. I proceeded to tell her that I know she is mad, because being the responsible adult that I am, I usually schedule a check-up before having sex with a new partner. After telling her the new, she was upset and instantly got off the phone with me. She erased our phone app contacts from her social media, and never called me again to this date. After a heart breaking moment, I filled my prescription for my genital warts. How embarrassing it was to pull up in to a pharmacy drive-thru to receive the medication Geregen. Which cost $1200 paid by the military government insurance. I applied it for three weeks on out and nothing changed in the appearance of my genital warts. After my stressful aggravated hopeless cure, I began to look for a cure on the internet. I stumbled on a story called "This Day" a cure story of DR. Justice Obi, with the life saver. I began to Google his story and found numerous occasions of his curing of genital warts. I finally stumbled on his Face Book page and found his personal cell phone number. I contacted him and we met in New York and he gave me his medication cure. After a week my Genital warts was no more and they all disappeared.

I hope that this medication that worked on me can be manufactured and commercialized in the USA that works without a doubt to cure mankind and to save lives from genital cancers, rectum cancer, and cervical cancer.


A. M.

C. M.

July 13, 2016

When I found out I had HPV, it was very devastating. Not only did I have genital warts, but I also had the high risk type for the development of cervical cancer.

I was immediately in fear, because I have two children, and my main concern was that I wouldn't be around for them as they grow up.

There is no known cure on the market, so my only course of action that the doctors could recommend was to treat the warts, and to just keep getting pap smears to watch for cervical cancer.

First off, the TCA treatments I was receiving for the warts was painful and ineffective. The warts kept coming back. And secondly, to just sit around and wait for cancer to take place by simply checking my cervix every so often did not seem like a good plan to me.

I wanted to be active in fighting this virus before it caused me harm.

I decided to research if anyone was close to finding a cure, And my search brought me to Dr Obi.

I contacted him and explained my situation, and he completely helped calm my fear by telling me about his gel that gets rid of warts and the virus itself.

After three weeks of using the gel, my warts were completely gone, And none have come back since.

I also tested for the HPV virus again and found that I am cleared of the high risk strains.

I can not even tell you how releaved I am to know that I am not at risk for cervical cancer. I can now life happily with my children with less worry about cancer.

And throughout the whole process, Dr Obi has been so great and comforting, even when I was so scared.

I can't thank him enough for curing me of this life threatening disease.

C. M.